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Michelle M

This system is a blast. I love the 4×6 prints! It’s an actual keepsake for a change. We got to choose the back ground for our event and in fact we sent Cathy 5 pictures to use and our guests were able to pick which of the 5 they wanted for their own background. Cathy was very friendly and accommodating. She has a wide variety of fun props. Lastly, the last thing you want to worry about as a bride is a vendor that is difficult to reach or communicate with. I never had a problem reaching Cathy and she was there on time (early actually) and seemed to really enjoy running the booth. My guests loved the experience. I would highly recommend her service.

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Meet the Shutterbug Photo Booth

The Shutterbug green screen photo booth Unit

Meet the Shutterbug Photo Booth

Unparalleled Printing (A 4×6 Photo!)

No Ugly Black Box

Receive a Text of Your Photos

The Best Props In KC

View an Online Gallery of Your Event

Awesome Icebreaker

Add Customized Text to the Pictures

Post Directly to Social Media

A Photo booth camera icon


We bring a MASSIVE touch screen photo booth, a Green Screen, and crisp prints.



Check out some of our fun event photos. Let’s add yours to our gallery!


pricing options

Our package options are tailored to fit your event. Check them out now!

What's Important in a Photo Booth Rental?


My Social Shutterbug is the most fun photo booth you can rent for a multitude of reasons. We bring a huge selection of props that all of our past patrons have been crazy about. Wear a huge viking helmet, pose like a criminal, or get ready to put on a performance. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have the prop for you.


Our Green Screen turns the photo booth experience into something totally different. Forget having a black curtain as the backdrop. With our technology you can request any background you want and we will find it for you. Want beautiful mountain scenery? Got it. Want a remote island getaway? Done. Want a picture of Grandma Sue? Well, you’ll have to get it to us, but we can put it on the green screen!


You will enjoy having our photo booth at your event – it won’t be an eyesore. It has a sleek-modern design and doesn’t take up much space. Your guests will be fascinated with the huge touch screen and with how easy it is to operate. Plus, our friendly attendant(s) will be there to help you the whole time!

More Elbow Room

My Social Shutterbug is an open air photo booth rental. What does that mean? More room for your guests! You can fit a huge group of people into one photo! No more cramming into a claustrophobic booth. We have had over 10 people in a photo at 1 time. Can you say FUN?

True Keepsake Photos

Long gone are the days of walking away from a photo booth and throwing away the strips of pictures immediately. With My Social Shutterbug we deliver you the sharpest and most beautifully colored photos you can find in a photo booth. And thanks to our props and green screen they are also going to be photos that will make you laugh when you look at them! You will want to frame your photos and get them hung in your room as soon as possible! A far cry from throwing them in the trash.


We understand that the amazing event you are putting has already cost more than you were expecting. With that in mind we are pleased to tell you that we have checked the market and are very reasonably priced for a photo booth rental. Even with all of our add-ons we are still on the low end of the price-spectrum. What does that mean for you? Either save some money and still have an incredible time or rent us for even longer for the same price you would pay other companies for a much shorter time!

From A Reliable Company

You have worked hard on your event and you need vendors who are : Easy to reach, timely in their communication with you, ON TIME, (if not early) and eager to help you host as perfect of an event as possible. You can ask any of our past customers and they will tell you that My Social Shutterbug has excelled in each of these areas!

Open Air Photo Booth

How Does An “OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH” differ from a traditional photo booth?

Open Air Photo Booth

How Does An “OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH” differ from a traditional photo booth?

Great question!  A lot of people may not be familiar with the term ‘open air’ as it relates to a photo booth.  I thought I’d take a minute and explain exactly what that means.

A traditional photo booth is an enclosed space where guests either stand or usually sit on a bench and get their photo snapped. The booths are typically quite small and don’t allow for very many people to be in any one photo. Usually more than 3 is a crowd.  Even though the booth itself is small, the ‘footprint’ can be quite large and some events may not have the room to accommodate this type of booth.  In addition, if any guests are claustrophobic, they may not fancy the idea of entering the small area to participate in the fun.  In many enclosed booths, the props are located inside the booth which, by default, lends itself to not having a very large variety of fun props for guests to use as there is simply no room to place the props.

An ‘Open Air” booth on the other hand, such as My Social Shutterbug, is a ‘no booth, photo booth’.  Meaning, there is no actual booth. Our type of set up has many advantages over the traditional enclosed booth.  I’ve detailed some of the advantages below:

  1. Our ‘footprint’ is small so even the smallest of spaces can accommodate us.
  2. We can fit a large group in one photo. We have had as many as 12 people in a photo at one time.
  3. Everyone at your event is able to watch the fun! Every session is easily visible to all. Your guests will not only enjoy their session, but they will have a great time watching all of the other guests have fun while they get their ‘props on’ and get their pics snapped.  
  4. We are able to bring a TON of fun props! The more, the merrier!

Now that you understand what ‘open air’ photo booth means, you can see why My Social Shutterbug is always the hit of any party!

Let’s Talk Green Screen!

So you might be wondering “what is the big deal about using the Green Screen with My Social Shutterbug photo booth”?

Let’s Talk Green Screen!

So you might be wondering “what is the big deal about using the Green Screen with My Social Shutterbug photo booth”?  Great question! Since most photo booths do not offer the option of a green screen, it’s understandable that you might not be familiar with how it works or why it’s so very cool. 

In simple terms, a green screen replaces a backdrop in the photo. BUT…it does not just show a ‘green screen’ in the background. The GS (Green Screen) ß-link that has an image of just the green screen) allows you to select virtually any photo(s) you want to be the background for your photo sessions.  You can give us an actual picture(s) you’d like to use that you took,  or you can choose any non copyrighted image(s) from Google Images that you like which basically translates to unlimited options from which to choose.

Our system allows you to offer up to 12 unique background images for your guests to choose from.  To clarify, here is the process:

·        You let me know what backgrounds you want to use no matter if they are actual pictures you have taken yourself or if they are non copyrighted images you found on Google Images.

·         My system allows me to upload up to 12 images per event. I then upload those images that you send me into my system for your event. (From 1 image to up to 12)

·        Your guests are then able to select which of the images they want for their background in their particular photo session out of the ones they see on the screen which are the ones that you chose for your event. 

Below are some popular ideas for background images but keep in mind, the choices are virtually unlimited. (See some sample images here) <-Alex, this would be a Live link to some images

The Eiffel Tower
The Pyramids
Leaning Tower of Piza
London Bridge
Snow capped mountains
A tropical beach with palm trees
Field of Sunflowers
Colorful Fall Leaves
Gold sparkly Background (or any color sparkly background)
Colorful giant donuts/candy bars etc.
Colorful Balls or Balloons
Colorful Confetti / Streamers
Polar Bears

Royals Stadium
Chiefs Stadium
KU Jayhawk/ K State Wildcat (any college)
The Country Club Plaza
Holiday themes
Wedding Themes
Birthday Party Themes

Hopefully by now, you get the ‘picture’

Your background choices are limited only to your imagination!  For all of the above reasons, our Green Screen is our most popular ‘add on’.  Your guests will absolutely love it!

A Message From Cathy, Our Owner

As a superb photo booth vendor in the Kansas City area, we are keenly aware of all of the time and money you have invested in your event. We would be honored if you chose My Social Shutterbug as your photo booth of choice. We promise your guests an amazing photo booth experience and we promise you reliability, respect and great communication. We enhance any celebration with our hi-tech photo booth, green screen, fun props, awesome 4×6 prints, and a friendly attendant. No matter the occasion…wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday party, Quinceanera, anniversary, class reunion, or charity event, inviting our photo booth to your special celebration promises to make your event stand out as one of the best of the year!

Smile, Snap, Share. We keep it fun and simple.

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